UPDATE: Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Experiencing Isolated Technical Issues

Monday, April 29, 2019

CLEVELAND – Today, the City of Cleveland and its federal partners provided media an update about issues arising from the discovery of malware on Cleveland Hopkins International Airport computer systems on April 21. Click here to watch the full press conference.

The City of Cleveland reiterates that its number one priority since the discovery of the malware has been to ensure that its systems were back up and running safely so that travelers were impacted as little as possible. Since the incident occurred, affected systems – display monitors showing info related to baggage claims and gate numbers – are now up and running. 

Since then, the City of Cleveland met with its federal partners who are investigating the incident. Through the course of the investigation, it was determined that the malware used was ransomware. The Airport employees who discovered the ransomware did not engage with those who infected its systems. Again - the City of Cleveland did not engage with the originators of the malware, so a ransom was never received.

We will continue to work with our partners at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice as they continue to investigate.

We understand ongoing investigations are challenging and it is often difficult to provide info in real time. We are committed to providing citizens with accurate information in real time. 

The City of Cleveland has two pieces of legislation for consideration of Passage by Cleveland City Council tonight.  Both Ordinances were heard and approved by Council’s Finance Committee, in an effort to further ensure the cyber security of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport computer systems. They include:

Ordinance No. 568-2019 approving contract with Black Box Network Services and IntelliNet

    • Authorizing the Director of Port Control to make one or more purchase orders with Black Box Network Services and IntelliNet Corporation for professional services necessary to restore flight and baggage information displays at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, restore e-mail services, install new threat protection software, and perform related services necessary to assess, restore, and secure the network.

Ordinance No. 557-2019 approving other professional services

    • Legislation authorizing the Director of Port Control to search for a provider of technical support and maintenance of core information technology activities and other related services, for a period of one year, with three one-year options to renew, the second of which requires additional legislative authority.
    • Legislation also approves a contract with one or more computer software developers, vendors or firms to supplement the regularly employed City of Cleveland staff to provide professional services necessary to acquire licenses for software applications, including implementation, training, and technical support related to the software, for a period of one year, with three one-year options to renew, the second of which requires additional legislative authority
    • Also approves contracts for the purchase, lease, or license of core networking hardware, software not acquired under a professional service contract authorized in this ordinance, server infrastructure, and wireless networking hardware to replace end of life devices, in the approximate amount as purchased or procured during the preceding term.

The City of Cleveland will continue to provide relevant updates on this matter as they become available.