City of Cleveland Announces Small Cell Facilities Design Guidelines

Thursday, October 25, 2018

CLEVELAND – The City of Cleveland today released the Small Cell Facilities Design Guidelines, a set of regulations for small cell facilities, support structures, and infrastructure elements. The guidelines are intended to assist service providers in the deployment of 5G technology and preserve public safety while integrating emerging technology with new and existing infrastructure.

Download the new guidelines, download the application and view the City Planning Commission Presentation

As these types of facilities are installed throughout civic areas, increased care is necessary to maintain public safety and support the general health and welfare of citizens. The new guidelines will address, maintain, guide and inform service providers, construction applicants and citizens. 

These guidelines apply to all small cell facilities, support structures, equipment and infrastructure elements and systems deployed in the City of Cleveland both within the City of Cleveland controlled right-of-way and for any facility within a private right-of-way.  They are intended to be used in conjunction will all City of Cleveland Codified Ordinances and departmental requirements. Cleveland City Planning Commission passed the guidelines on Friday, Oct. 19, 2018.                                                        

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