Mayor Frank G. Jackson Raises Minimum Wage for all City of Cleveland Employees to $15 per hour

Monday, June 26, 2017

Increase is a result of Issue 32 and aligns with mayor’s previous efforts to increase minimum wage

CLEVELAND –Mayor Frank G. Jackson today announced any City of Cleveland employee who does not make at least $15 per hour will be moved to that amount. The increase will be effective April 2018, corresponding with the third year of the City’s union contracts.

“I have made a decision to increase all of our regular full-time and part-time employees, both union and non-union earning less than $15 an hour, up to a $15 hourly rate,” said Mayor Jackson. “Because we have union contracts covering the majority of our employees, this $15 per hour minimum rate will need to be discussed with those unions prior to implementation.” 

The City of Cleveland currently has 7,196 employees. The increase affects an estimated 500 workers, including trainees and cadets. The City projects an investment of $1.9 million. It will negotiate 34 union contracts in order to implement the plan.  

Mayor Jackson is a longtime proponent of minimum wage increases reflective of inflation and increased cost of living. The new $15 per hour wage continues efforts started during his Cleveland City Council tenure. In 1996, Jackson created the living wage ordinance to increase the City’s living wage to $10 per hour. Though successful, it was not applicable under the collective bargaining agreement. Cleveland City Council put a moratorium on the Living Wage in 2006.Mayor Jackson’s new plan now includes the wage increase in collective bargaining agreements.

The mayor continues to support a minimum wage increase if mandated by the state or federal government.  Mayor Jackson has consistently stated that he supports a $15 per hour minimum wage if it is nation or statewide, but if in Cleveland only, it could potentially result in businesses and jobs moving to other cities in the region offering lower rates. 

About the City of Cleveland 

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