Search and Seizure Policies

The City of Cleveland, Cleveland Division of Police (CDP), United States Department of Justice, and the Court-appointed federal monitoring team are all asking for community feedback on the CDP's proposed policies regarding Search and Seizure. The purpose of these policies is as follows:

To establish Cleveland Division of Police guidelines so that all searches and seizures are conducted in accordance with the rights secured and protected by Constitution and federal and state law. The Division will conduct searches and seizures fairly and respectfully consistent with the Division’s commitment to procedural justice, community and problem-oriented policing, and community values.

The above named agencies are now prepared to collect community feedback on the Search and Seizure policies. The Consent Decree stakeholders are all aiming to work together to solicit and receive input on these policies from the Cleveland community.

The policies are not yet final. Instead, they reflects CDP's efforts to date in creating policy that complies with the Consent Decree. The Court, Monitoring Team, City, and Department of Justice have not yet signed off on or approved the policies. That will happen only after the community engagement process. Indeed, this policy may change further after community feedback is directly incorporated and additional changes are made.

These are the draft policies and procedures: 

Participation in the survey is voluntary. Those who agree to participate in this research are asked to complete the following survey. The survey should take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Participants may refuse to answer any of the questions, take a break, or stop participation in this survey at any time. There will be no costs for research participation and those taking the survey will not be compensated for participation in this research study.

Policy Survey for the Cleveland Division of Police- Search and Seizure

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