Press Releases

09/23/2019 - Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Cleveland City Council Select Consulting Team for New Tax Policy Study
09/23/2019 - City of Cleveland Unveils Renovations at Mark Tromba Park
09/20/2019 - The 144th Cleveland Police Academy Graduates 43 Officers
09/20/2019 - Mayor Frank G. Jackson Issues Statement Regarding the Passing of Steven A. Minter
09/20/2019 - Cleveland Partners with Burten, Bell, Carr to Open BoxSpot Retail Development in Kinsman Neighborhood Sept. 21
09/20/2019 - Mayor Frank G. Jackson Issues Statement Regarding Retirement of KeyBank CEO Beth Mooney
09/19/2019 - What to Know About Cleveland Browns Sunday Night Game
09/19/2019 - Notice of Public Meeting
09/18/2019 - West 143rd Street Resurfacing Improvements
09/18/2019 - City of Cleveland Helps Bring Army Precision Parachute Demonstration Team to Luke Easter Park Sept. 20
09/18/2019 - Scranton Road Resurfacing Improvement Project
09/17/2019 - Launch of Kiva Cleveland to Fuel Economic Growth Through Early Stage Business Investment
09/17/2019 - East 156th Street Resurfacing Improvements
09/17/2019 - Chatfield Avenue Resurfacing Improvements
09/16/2019 - East 66th Street Resurfacing Improvements
09/16/2019 - Mayor Jackson, Health and Human Services Chair Griffin and Cleveland Public Health Advises Against Use of E-Cigarettes and Other Vaping Device
09/06/2019 - Mayor’s Office of Capital Projects Conducts Facilities Assessment
09/06/2019 - City of Cleveland Center Street Bridge Closure
09/05/2019 - Media Advisory: Cleveland Division of Fire 35th Fire Training Academy Graduation and Promotion Ceremony
09/05/2019 - Pipeline Infrastructure Improvements Update