The Future of Work

The Future of Work: Tools for Change
An In-Demands Job Week Event

Those interested may attend in person or via webinar. Free and open to the public. Registration required at

The Future of Work is on the minds people everywhere — government and industry leaders, teachers and parents, students and workers. Record low unemployment has created opportunity for many, while economists warn of large-scale displacement as machines learn to manufacture themselves. How can workforce leaders advance new strategies for navigating this terrain? We will share what we’ve learned from municipal and regional labs, programs that help workers adapt, and innovative data practices. These are all part of the emerging FOW toolkit.

Sponsored by: Ohio Workforce Association, Tri-C, The Literacy Cooperative, MAGNET, Ohio Means Jobs|Cleveland - Cuyahoga County

Monday, May 7, 2018
Corporate College East | 4400 Richmond Road | Room 126 | Cleveland, OH 44128