2018 MidTown Beautification Day

MidTown’s visual quality sends a strong message to customers, employees and neighboring communities about the safety and economic health of our business and urban district. That’s why MidTown Cleveland, Inc. is committed to the continual improvement of MidTown’s appearance through various beautification initiatives. This year, we will be collecting litter and planting flowers around the neighborhood.

As a stakeholder in the MidTown neighborhood, your support is key to this event’s success and to the continued progress of MidTown. To participate, fill out this form as an individual or as a team. We will try to assign teams to the areas around your place of business.

Teams can consist of up to 10 individuals from your organization or multiple organizations. If you have more than 10 individuals, please create additional teams using other forms.

*All participants are eligible for two free Cleveland Indians tickets through BVU Volunteer Challenge*

Saturday, May 5, 2018