Doing Business With Airport Systems, City of Cleveland, and GCRTA

Jermaine Brooks, the Certification Officer and Outreach Coordinator of the Airport, and Shelli Lewis from Airmall Cleveland will discuss DBE/ACDBE Certification, FAA Projects, and Concessions program with the Airport.

Melissa Borrows, Director or Mayor's Office of Equal Opportunity, and Commissioner Tiffany White Johnson will present an overview of the Division of Purchases and Supplies, including bid thresholds, discounts, certifications and ways to get started with working with the City of Cleveland.

Carl R. Kirkland, Business Development Specialist of the GCRTA, will discuss Contracting opportunities, Certification, and Compliance & Monitoring of potential contracts.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Urban League of Greater Cleveland 2930 Prospect Avenue East Cleveland, OH 44115